Windows 10 Themes

Short website statistic - 1652 themes for Windows 10, 25415 desktop backgrounds are available for a download, total size of the collection 16.4 GB

Windows 11 Flow theme pack
Windows 11 Flow
5 5.5MB
Windows 11 Glow theme pack
Windows 11 Glow
4 3.1MB
Captured Motion theme pack
Captured Motion
4 3.8MB
Black Flowers theme pack
Black Flowers Windows 10 theme
13 2.8MB
Storm theme pack
Storm Windows 10 theme
25 16.7MB
Coral theme pack
14 15.6MB
Forest theme pack
Forest Windows 10 theme
20 32.2MB
Clownfish theme pack
15 10.2MB
Sea Turtle theme pack
Sea Turtle
15 6.6MB
Sea Life theme pack
Sea Life
22 18.4MB
Shark theme pack
Shark Windows 10 theme
28 23.1MB
Cool 4K theme pack
Cool 4K
11 29.3MB
Mandalorian theme pack
Mandalorian Windows 10 theme
13 4.6MB
Cyberpunk 2077 theme pack
Cyberpunk 2077 Windows 10 theme
16 11.9MB
Shadow Cars theme pack
Shadow Cars
18 4.1MB
Mountains on Horizon theme pack
Mountains on Horizon
10 15MB
Lighthouse theme pack
Lighthouse Windows 10 theme
20 12MB
Foggy Roads theme pack
Foggy Roads
11 10.4MB
GMC theme pack
15 6.7MB
Urban Ruins theme pack
Urban Ruins
13 9.3MB
Great Abandoned Places theme pack
Great Abandoned Places
14 10.5MB
Abandoned Ships theme pack
Abandoned Ships
12 5.1MB
Snakes theme pack
12 4.7MB